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Science – an overview

Like all living things, the human body requires a constant and regular supply of oxygen, but the mechanisms for absorption and distribution in the body are very fragile and susceptible to problems; they become worse along with increasing age and with a variety of illnesses. This is where SanguiBioTech GmbH comes in:
The study and development of drugs and medicinal products to provide assistance when the supply of oxygen to the body's tissues and cells is disrupted form the core competence of SanguiBioTech GmbH.

These products are based on decades of research and development carried out by Prof. Dr. Dr. W. Barnikol and Dr. Harald Pötzschke and their staff at the Universities of Mainz and Witten/Herdecke as well as in the company's laboratories. Significant findings are extensively protected by a variety of international patents – these patents and processes and the related expertise represent the scientific capital of SanguiBioTech GmbH.

Therapeutic Approach of Granulox


A major problem of chronic wounds:
increased oxygen demand, but poor oxygen supply.

The oxygen demand is particularly high due to the significantly increased metabolic activity during the healing phase. The healing of wounds is achieved by division of the cells at the edge and the bed of the wound. The cells need oxygen in order to proliferate, but the oxygen supply from outside is blocked by exudate.


A novel and effective natural approach:
hemoglobin as an oxygen carrier

Granulox utilizes hemoglobin as a natural carrier to continuously transport oxygen from the ambient air to the wound bed. The oxygen supply to the cells in the wound bed is improved.

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The term hypoxia refers to the insufficient supply of oxygen to the body tissue (in the whole body or parts of the body). SanguiBioTech GmbH develops oxygen carriers for internal and external application to alleviate the state of hypoxia. Granulox is a topically applied dressing material in spray form, which has been successfully introduced in the medical market.


Chronic wounds

Most problematic chronic wounds (venous and foot ulcers) are likely due to a deficiency of oxygen, which are in turn caused by a diagnosable underlying disease – particularly by venous insufficiency (varicose veins and complications following deep vein thrombosis), arterial circulatory disorders (intermittent claudication and "smoker's leg") or diabetes mellitus.
As a wound dressing, a spray with hemoglobin assists the healing process (Granulox° hemoglobin spray), which transports oxygen from the air to the damaged tissue, thus mitigating the oxygen deficiency. This medicinal product is produced and sold by our licensee, SastoMed GmbH.