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Visualisation of a very large individual
molecule of hyperpolymer hemoglobin.

Welcome to SanguiBioTech GmbH

SanguiBioTech GmbH conducts research and development related to supplying the human body with oxygen. Patents and expertise, unique technologies and formulations flow into products and their applications. We put the legalization and marketing of these products into the hands of competent specialists: Out-licensing to partners or joint ventures, proceeds from licensing revenues and dividends.

The first major milestone was the market launch of the hemoglobin-based wound spray, Granulox, via the joint venture with Mölnlycke Health Care GmbH. The central major project and strategic focus is the development of artificial oxygen carriers (hemoglobin hyperpolymers) as internal therapy for acute oxygen deficiency.

Granulox – out-licensed to the company Mölnlycke Health Care GmbH

Based on SanguiBioTech GmbH´s research and development, brought to product maturity and marketing in cooperation with Sander/Strothmann GmbH.
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