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The scientific staple of Sangui's business model is research in the field of oxygen required by the human body to overcome its acute and severe deficiencies. This research results in patents, expertise, unique technologies and formulations. The goal is their transformation into marketable products and their successful marketing. Due to the high costs of research and development in the pharmaceuticals and medical products industry SanguiBioTech GmbH has developed a strategy that it recognizes as the right one for its business: to place the legalization and subsequent marketing into the hands of competent specialists. The certification of the wound spray in 2012 and subsequent market introduction shows this in exemplary fashion: out-licensing the rights to Mölnlycke Health Care GmbH; marketing under the “Granulox” brand name; collection of proceeds from licensing revenues and dividends from sales.

SanguiBioTech GmbH
Sangui BioTech International Inc.

This successful path should be continued with the central project, the artificial oxygen carrier as internal therapy for acute oxygen deficiency. Sangui holds the rights to patented processes and formulations. Together with competent partners who are also willing to get involved financially we will guide this ambitious goal to success. In doing so we will be relying on proven networks, but also be inviting new partners. The project is ambitious, but we are convinced that we are pursuing the right approach. Granulox has shown that the fundamental assumptions that this scientific concept is based on are correct.

The shares of SanguiBioTech GmbH are (90%) held by Sangui BioTech International Inc. The remainder is privately owned. They represent the key culminating point of the economic endeavors. Sangui BioTech International, Inc., is the lender and dividend recipient for and from the operational business of SanguiBioTech GmbH. This historically-rooted construction ensures access to the capital markets and is thus the key instrument for financing company activities. Financing via the capital markets has shown to be effective and will also be an available source in the future. At the same time this means that the group has managed to get by without loan financing and is thus debt-free. This is a quality we are proud of.

Sangui overview

SanguiBioTech GmbH conducts research and development related to supplying the human body with oxygen, quite simply the "most vital substance".

Patents and expertise, unique technologies and formulations flow into products and their applications.

We put the legalization and marketing of these products into the hands of competent specialists: Outlicensing to partners or joint ventures, proceeds from licensing revenues and dividends.

The first major milestone was the market launch of the hemoglobin-based wound spray, Granulox.

The central major project and strategic focus is the development of artificial oxygen carriers (hemoglobin hyperpolymers) as internal therapy for acute oxygen deficiency.

90% owned by Sangui BioTech Intl., Inc., lender and dividend recipient for and from the operational business of SanguiBioTech GmbH.